Tuesday, 9 December 2014

AICOD Marks its end of year one in style.

Today marks the end of year one at the vocational training centre. Trainees have gone home for their first year vacation in style having failed to do end of year practical exams due to lack of materials needed for that purpose. Nevertheless, the year ended well with very notable improvement in their training career. On a sad note however, six of our trainees never completed the year they were forced to drop out of the training due lack of support in terms of meals and training materials and worst still domestic violence against them as most of these were from polygamous households. These children have always complained of harassment from their step parents who were giving them hard time at home with an intent to fail them to attain this training. Domestic violence is rampant in this area and is affecting a lot of children from achieving a decent livelihoods. AICOD had nothing to do since she is still crawling and looking for support too. otherwise we could have intervened to see that they continue their training. Otherwise AICOD is striving to get the necessary support  to ensure that we provide a full package for our trainees in future. That's why we call up on well-wishers to join hands with us to curb this dropout rate.

We still believe that vocational skills training is the best fish we can offer to the children with disabilities and other vulnerable children to enable them live decent lives in future.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dutch Volunteers visit AICOD

AICOD today hosted a group of 5 volunteers from Be-more Netherlands who came on a fact finding mission on AICOD's activities especially activities for children with disabilitites. They were particularly suprised to find young people learning to make clothes at the AICOD Vocational training centre saying "we are suprised to see such young girls and boys making such nice shirts and skirts in such a short time amidst lack of adequate machines and training materials!". They toured some of the households with children living with disabilities in Gayaza village- Biwolobo parish and Kyamiyonga in Lyantonde town where they interucted with the children and their care takers.

This is Mugga Christopher who was visited. He lives with an Old Grandmother.

This is Bonny with Autism He too lives with a Grandma. His father died and the mother abandoned him because of his disability.  When we identified him, he was tied onto a tree like a goat to prevent him from moving around. After several visits by our staff, Bonny is now left to play with his peers and today we were happy to find him playing with peers.

Clinton also lives with his mother in a rented house in Lyantonde town. He does not speak but his hearing is good.
He will be enrolled in the vocational training at AICOD soon.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

AICOD achieves yet another milestone

Formed in August 2009, AICOD was registered as a community Based Organisation in December 2009. AICOD has registered yet another major landmark in its four years of existence by formally being accepted as a fully paid up member of Lyantonde NGO Network Forum on 23rd July 2014 at the forum’s annual general meeting. The Forum is an umbrella organization for all Civil Society Organizations(CSO) in Lyantonde District working in the thematic areas of HIV/AIDS, Health, Economic strengthening, Education, Child protection and legal support, Food security and Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and Shelter. The Forum was formed to provide a platform for coordination towards strengthened CSO contribution to the national and district response to socio-economic development.

AICOD is proud to have achieved this milestone as it is now going to join other development actors in the response towards sustainable rural development. At AICOD, we are committed to utilize this platform to contribute to the fundamental basic needs people living under difficult circumstances to minimum standards for a life of dignity through advocacy, community capacity building and creation of institutional and physical structures that improve on their living conditions. AICOD pays more attention to supporting children with disabilities and other vulnerable children in the areas of Home based rehabilitation, Child protection, Vocational skills training for economic security, Inclusive education and advocacy for equitable service delivery.

Monday, 7 July 2014

AICOD Receives a Boost!

It was all joy at AICOD’S Vocational training Centre as a donation of 3 sewing machines were delivered on Friday 20th June 2014. It has been crippling with only 3 sewing machines and 9 children were sharing one machine meaning that at least now our machine – child ratio has reduced to at least 1:5, so this donation is big relief to the organisation.

The machines were donated by Rural Action Community Based Organisation (RACOBAO) a child and HIV/AIDS focused organisation based in Lyantonde. AICOD is providing vocational training to children with disabilities and other vulnerable children to provide them with skills for independent living and economic sustainability. Most of the children have dropped out of, or never attended, school at all.

The Founder Receiving the Machines from RACOBAO
Now, 29 children are enrolled using only 6 sewing machines. These children come from very poor families and some are orphans and also taking care of their siblings. Thus cannot afford to get training materials, such as cloths for cutting, thread, tape measure and above all lunch because the Centre is not able provide them. We appeal to well-wishers who are willing to donate to this cause to make the lives of these vulnerable children more fulfilling.