Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dutch Volunteers visit AICOD

AICOD today hosted a group of 5 volunteers from Be-more Netherlands who came on a fact finding mission on AICOD's activities especially activities for children with disabilitites. They were particularly suprised to find young people learning to make clothes at the AICOD Vocational training centre saying "we are suprised to see such young girls and boys making such nice shirts and skirts in such a short time amidst lack of adequate machines and training materials!". They toured some of the households with children living with disabilities in Gayaza village- Biwolobo parish and Kyamiyonga in Lyantonde town where they interucted with the children and their care takers.

This is Mugga Christopher who was visited. He lives with an Old Grandmother.

This is Bonny with Autism He too lives with a Grandma. His father died and the mother abandoned him because of his disability.  When we identified him, he was tied onto a tree like a goat to prevent him from moving around. After several visits by our staff, Bonny is now left to play with his peers and today we were happy to find him playing with peers.

Clinton also lives with his mother in a rented house in Lyantonde town. He does not speak but his hearing is good.
He will be enrolled in the vocational training at AICOD soon.

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  1. This is wonderful to hear Benon! Keep up the great work AICOD!