Tuesday, 9 December 2014

AICOD Marks its end of year one in style.

Today marks the end of year one at the vocational training centre. Trainees have gone home for their first year vacation in style having failed to do end of year practical exams due to lack of materials needed for that purpose. Nevertheless, the year ended well with very notable improvement in their training career. On a sad note however, six of our trainees never completed the year they were forced to drop out of the training due lack of support in terms of meals and training materials and worst still domestic violence against them as most of these were from polygamous households. These children have always complained of harassment from their step parents who were giving them hard time at home with an intent to fail them to attain this training. Domestic violence is rampant in this area and is affecting a lot of children from achieving a decent livelihoods. AICOD had nothing to do since she is still crawling and looking for support too. otherwise we could have intervened to see that they continue their training. Otherwise AICOD is striving to get the necessary support  to ensure that we provide a full package for our trainees in future. That's why we call up on well-wishers to join hands with us to curb this dropout rate.

We still believe that vocational skills training is the best fish we can offer to the children with disabilities and other vulnerable children to enable them live decent lives in future.