Action for Integrated Community Development, or AICOD, is a disability focused organization based in Lyantonde Uganda, established in 2009 in response to the needs of the community through assisting marginalized individuals, especially disabled and vulnerable children. AICOD works with the families of disabled children to help enable home rehabilitation and provides the children with vocational training in order to help them attain employment. AICOD’s vision is to see communities in which people with disabilities and the elderly enjoy their full potential and live a life of dignity with sustainable livelihoods. It’s mission, in order to see its vision realized, is to contribute to the fundamental basic needs of persons with disabilities, and the elderly living under difficult circumstances to minimum standards, for a life of dignity through home and community based rehabilitation services, skills training, advocacy, HIV/AIDS prevention, and care and support services that improve on their standard of living. To date, AICOD has identified 20 children living with disabilities and 40 other vulnerable children, has enrolled 20 children with disabilities in vocational training, and has provided 8 children with severe disabilities with home based rehabilitation services. 

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